Authentic Super Bowl Butter Chicken Monkey Bread

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A few notes about this recipe:

  • There’s nothing authentic about it. My using the word was very tongue in cheek. But it’s still fucking yummy. 
  • Vegetarians and chicken haterz, you could omit the chicken altogether and serve these buttery naan balls with the tomato-cream dipping sauce and still be considered the hot shit.
  • For you lazy mofos, I get it, making naan dough can seem a bit much in this insta-era. Instead, you can use store-bought frozen (and thawed) biscuit dough OR frozen paratha dough (the doughy type found in the freezer section, not the ready made crap) and still have a delicious dish. If you use store-bought butter chicken, we can’t be friends.
  • Don’t email me to ask what monkey bread is. We have the Interwebs for that. Click here to read about it. While you’re at it, and in the mood to read, check out this debate on the origins of butter chicken from Chowhound. Some great links, points, and general peanut gallery stuff. 
  • Don’t have a bundt cake pan but wanna buy a bundt cake pan but don’t know where to buy a good bundt cake pan? Boom. Bundt cake pan
  • Finally, Geethanjali is not a real person but her struggle is real, Ya’ll.