(Super belated) Notes from a Sketchy Kitchen: Week 3

This recap is for week 3, February 7 to 13th. I was slated to share this post with ya’ll this past Saturday but oooo weee, did I get ill. Not sick, ya’ll, but ill. I mean like my skin changed colors, I looked to’ up from da flo’ up, made myself throw up kinda ill.  Hence the crickets chirping ’round here this week.

BUT I’m feeling better today and thought we’d pickup where we left off last week at SAMOSA WEEK!


It was a samosa frenzy: how to make ’em, what shortcuts to take, how to form them, and what not. I gave you the cheater’s method ie baking samosas by way of store-bought pie crust.


I reckoned some of you may not like the idea of any store-bought jazz so here, a recipe for samosa dough for you hard-core homemade home cooks! I’m sharing my Mommy’s recipe, which yields 8 samosas.

It’s sooo easy. She combines 1 cup of self-rising flour with 4 tablespoons canola oil and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Then she keeps about *4 to 5 tablespoons of ice cold water at hand. She doesn’t add all the water at once to the flour-oil. She adds 1 tablespoon at a time to achieve the dough consistency she wants. 

I use about 3 tablespoons of ice cold water to get my dough moist, but not wet.  She then rests the dough for about 15 minutes before making 8 balls from the dough. 

Once ready to be used, each ball is rolled out to 6×6 inch disks, about 1/8 inches thick. You can stuff and fold ’em as I showed you in last week’s Baked Aloo Samosa Hand Pie post. This dough works wonderfully both fried and baked.


*Side note, when I called my Mommy to ask her for a hard number for the tablespoons of water used, she answered, “tell your readers to add enough water to the dough so it feels good, like samosa dough.”

Ummm. Thanks, Obi-Wan Kenobi, that’s real insightful advice there. *Side eyes.* 

There are so many creative recipes on the web on how to make samosas with a twist. I think my all time favorite–one that I’ll definitely test out in my kitchen soon– is Veggie Belly’s Sweet Potato Samosa Pops. So clever! Samosas on a stick! 

Photo source:
Photo source:

I’m already dreaming up parties of me passing out these lil samosapops. You could even make little triangular samosas as I did in this post and pop a stick in it and bake. To be tested! 

If those samosas are something I can see myself sharing with others, the following samosa is one I don’t want to have to share with anyone. I want them alllll to myself.


Tasty has me swooning and itching to do my own version – check it- Steak and Ale Samosas! God bless. It’s like all the good things in the world in one decadent savoury pastry…Mmmmm.

But, I’m trying to eat a bit healthier and not follow every whim in the kitchen. So, check back with me next week and I’ll share a version for aloo stuffing that isn’t actually aloo, but sure does taste like it.

We’ll be tackling how to give good head…  of cauliflower, you fools, that’s how to make creative use out of a head of cauliflower! 


Thanks for tuning in, Loves, more to come!