Pumpkin Spice This, Bitches!


Wednesday, September 23 marks the first official day of Fall. You’d think the season had already arrived with Starbucks and just about every other company cramming Pumpkin spice la la ness down our throats and up our asses at every turn. Can we reclaim the pumpkin please? Can we take back the season from Basic Bitches? Can we take a break from pumpkin spice and instead warm up to spiced pumpkin?

Look, I know we can’t reclaim it because we never had it to begin with. Kakara bhaja santula doesn’t sound sexy. It doesn’t sound like something Taylor Swift would eat but that’s OK. It’s REAL pumpkins with REAL spices. The recipe is super easy to follow. Just cook it, eat it, and be happy and shit, ok?

Happy Fall, Sketchies!

Pumpkin Bhaja_800x600

pumpkin dry curry

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