Naan Balls & Spicy Saag Artichoke Dip








This stuff is good, ya’ll. Like, if you are what you eat I’m about 90% naan balls and dip after this weekend. The only reason I’m not a full 100% ball & dip is because I had to share with my husband to appear somewhat thoughtful/non-hieferish, ya feel me?

Anyhoo, this recipe is my take on what would happen if saag paneer married spinach artichoke dip but they ditched paneer, using fresh farmer’s cheese instead, but retained all the masalas. It may sound convoluted but the marriage works. Oh! And instead of using garlic bread for sopping up this delicious dip, you got garlic naan. *Taking a bow.*

For you technical trolls, yes I know, this isn’t technically “naan” because the balls aren’t rolled out flatbread-style. But the ingredients I use for these pillowy little rolls of heaven are the same ingredients I use for my unleavened garlic naan recipe hence the inspiration and title name. 

Consider them your go-to super balls for your Super Bowl. 

You’ll notice many online sources for similar recipes use store-bought biscuit dough, which, I’ll admit aren’t too shabby if you’re pressed for time and energy. But ya’ll, it takes 5 minutes to combine the ingredients and 30 minutes to let the dough rest and BOOM! You got a homemade dough that can’t be beat. Touchdown! *and whatever other football terminology connotes winning/scoring, I dunno.*

About the skillet you see in the images: I used a 12-inch cast iron skillet. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend you get one for, well, Life. Don’t give 2 shits? Cool. You can also recreate this recipe by making the dip on your stovetop and then transferring it to the center of a round cake pan with the naan balls circling around it, and baking per directions above. 

OK, now a special shout out to my Ladies who are reading this and cramping like a motha’. Make this dish, Girl. It’s the edible equivalent of a heat wrap for the soul. 

Check back in on Thursday and I’ll show you how to use this same dough to make butter chicken monkey bread. Yeah ya’ll, we’re going there. Like I said before, this ain’t ya Aunty’s kitty party. WE GOT THIS.