No Longer Dough-Eyed: A Commitment to Healthier Cooking

I truly believe the adage of you are what you eat. And, well, judging from my posts of weeks past you’d assume I’m a ball of dough.

You’d be correct in your assumption. Real talk, ya’ll, I’ve morphed into one big naan ball.  


Not sexy.

I haven’t been eating wholesomely these past few months and the recipes I lead with on my blog are reflective of where my head space has been in which is, umm, mainly carbs. 


Seems I’ve allowed myself to get swept away with Life, opting for comfort foods which have lead me to actually feel uncomfortable and lethargic. And though I say I believe in the power of balance, you know of eating certain things in moderation and working out, well, I haven’t been practicing all that sound wisdom lately. 

So, my challenge to myself? Develop and share recipes which are fiercely delicious and not just resigned to the sideline as splurges or guilty pleasures. I’m not omitting desi bread and southern biscuits from my repertoire altogether, but  I am dialing it back, a lot.

The funny thing IS is that I’ve created “healthy” recipes for clients. In fact, in the course of my career, I’ve probably created over 200 low-carb, low-fat, and/or low-calorie recipes for different clients, so its not like the know-how isn’t in me. It’s just a matter of taking what I know professionally and applying that creativity and skill set to my personal life.

I know I can hit the gym and find my stride again but, it’s the eating well bit that has always been a challenge to me. How can I use my recipe development superpowers for good and not evil?

It can be done. And I’m taking you along for the ride! 

One of my more memorable clients was Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson. She authored New York Time’s bestseller The Shift. She hired me to create low-carb recipes for the second edition of her book.

shift 1 shift 2

Tory was invited to share her book and cooking philosophy on The View so I created recipes/dishes for the food segment. The challenge was to recreate usually carb-heavy comfort foods with cauliflower instead of flour, potato, and rice.

Below are images of the dishes which I created for the segment.

Scrolling down, you have cauli”flour” pizza (the base is cauliflower), mashed cauliflower (ain’t a smidge of potato in that, can you believe?!) and “fried rice” actually made from riced cauliflower


I was amazed at the humble cauliflower’s ability to mimic comfort dishes without the discomfort of heaviness.  Previous to this, my relationship with cauliflower was mostly resigned to recipes like gobi-aloo bhaja or roasted cauliflower soup. 

Now to reiterate,  I don’t plan to go as low or no carb as Tory did for every meal, all day, err day. However, I find power in rethinking certain foods and coming up with new and delicious uses for them. 

I want to take all this inspiration in revisiting the work I did for her book and blog and reinvent my favorite Indian comfort foods. And so, starting next week, you’ll get some tried and tested recipes for cauliflower in lieu of rice and potatoes. 


I would go ahead and stock up on heads of cauliflower this weekend as I have a sneaky suspicion many of you are going to want to make what I have in store! Most of the recipes will require a box grater or food processor  (a box grater will work for every recipe I will share but a food processor will save you time!) so you may want to have those ready as well.

alooPun_2_no text

We won’t stop at cauliflower nor will this only be a one week endeavor. I’m hoping to use my blog as a platform to challenge myself to develop recipes that’ll make me look and feel better.

This is where you come in. I invite you to suggest dishes you wish to see that are revamped, healthier versions of comfort foods. There’s nothing that inspires me more in the kitchen like a good challenge! 


Tune in next Monday, February 22nd for a new recipe. We’ll be making vegetable pulao with, you guessed it, riced cauliflower!