Tikki Tikki Boom Boom!










Are ya’ll cauliflowered-out yet?!

I promise you, the recipe above is the final cauliflower recipe for the Power of Cauliflower week! 

I mean, I may, just may have one more cauliflower-related recipe in store for next week. But I swear, I know how to cook more than just gobi. You’ll see. 😉

Anyhoo, today we tackle gobi tikki.

Aw lawdy lawd *fanning self*, tikki, aloo tikki to be exact, is by far one of my weaknesses. 

Then again, I think I’ve said that about every food in, like, every blog post, right? Schmurrr. What’s a gal to do? I love to eat! 

Anyhoo, on to aloo tikki. 

It’s also known as ragda pattice in places like Mumbai. But in my Odiya household, we call it aloo tikki. 

In my own head I refer to ’em as croquettes of love.

I mean come on, how can you go wrong with spicy mashed potatoes pan-fried to golden perfection?

Paired with vibrant mint chutney and/or tangy imli (tamarind) chutney and well, there you have it, all things good in the world on one plate/in my belly.

I will never say no to aloo tikki. I’m not so, erhm, far evolved in the war on potatoes, nor do I desire to be. 

However, after seeing how cauliflower mashes and suspiciously takes on the taste and texture of mashed potatoes, I was tempted to see if I’d even miss the aloo in aloo tikka. 

I didn’t.

To clarify, gobi tikki, ie spiced and mashed cauliflower cutlets is a thing, and not something I made up/pulled out from my potato lovin ass. It’s just I never gave it the time of day because, well, durrr, aloo.

Anyway, I was struck–in a good way– by the kickass taste of my gobi tikki!

That’s a whole buncha self-horn tootin’ but I was feeling this dish. In fact, I’d say it was my favorite in all of my cauliflower recipe- testing. 

The liberal amounts of masalas along with the punchiness of Old Bay seasoning (which isn’t a traditional spice mix used in Indian cooking) made this a spicy lil number I’ll make soon again. Like, probably this weekend. 

The tikkis took on an almost falafel taste with the addition of the garbanzo/fava flour. Yet it wasn’t as dense as some of the falafel I’ve tasted which is a good thing. 

I can imagine serving these tikkis in slider buns for some casual entertaining. 

Smear mint chutney on one-half of the roll, imli chutney on the other half, and in between a tikki, piled with red onion slaw, and a tomato slice, and boom! A flavor-packed gobi tikki slider.  

Or, you could simply eat it alone, in your jammies, with kancha piaj, sour cream spiced with cumin powder and black salt, and a bottomless cup of chai.

Dear lord, I sound like an Aunty but hey, it’s the truth, that combo did it for me.

Hope it does it for you as well! Check out the recipe and if you make it, as usual, I welcome your feedback.

Happy Friday, Loves! May your weekend be sketchy in the best of ways!