So here’s the deal, I cook and write for a living. I’ve spent many years testing recipes, cooking, and writing for others. But if all THAT is my bread and butter, then Sketchy Desi is MY JAM; written for me and for those of you like me who cook, eat and think by way of our hyphenated identities. 

Sketchy Desi is a blog for those of us who straddle two cultures and who have a hankering for today’s Western food trends along with the desi comfort foods we were raised with. It’s a blog that explores culture, food, and identity. And I’ve thrown in a healthy dose of writing about my quarter-life crisis (spoiler alert: I’m well beyond 25 but three dimes and a nickel crisis doesn’t have the same ring to it) because it can be more cathartic than eating my feelings… unless pie and chai are involved. Always go for the pie and chai. 

Where do the comics fit in with all this? They bring together my passion for story telling, cooking, humor, and drawing. 

I don’t do it all alone. I have my partner in crime Vee Ladwa, my graphic designer and brotha from anotha motha. His resume still intimidates me. His artwork has been commissioned and published in international magazines. He has worked for Marvel Comics/Entertainment, EMI Records, and has created album comic artwork for leading EDM DJ & Producer Marco V.

Here’s my sketch of Vee:

 SD_Soni Bio_image7 (1)

This is actually Vee:


We’re a pretty fierce duo. I test my recipes, take pictures, and draw the comics. I then send them to Vee so he may perform his wizardry, or what I like to call, Veezardy.  He brings my work to life by lending dimension, color, depth, and format. Without him, my recipe comics would remain in a notebook or, even worse, in my head.

So there you have it, our biodatas. 

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