Baked Aloo Samosa Hand Pies for Valentine’s Day or Any Other Day








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Hi, Ya’ll! So, people kept asking me what recipe I’ll post for Valentine’s Day and I kept thinking, craaaap, do I have to do some flowery post about Love and make goo-goo cutey cute heart-shaped shits?! 

But no, I realized this blog is my party! Ain’t gonna be no, like, heart-shaped samosas on this thang!

As I said the heart-shaped samosa bit out loud to my husband, his eyes lit up like Diwali diyas. He loved the idea. And so I feel compelled to tell you that IF you wish to do heart-shaped samosas all you would need is some dough (pie crust will suffice), heart-shaped cookie cutters, and the glorious aloo recipe found above. It would be similar to the samosa assembling process I shared with you on Monday’s post.

So on to my hand pies. I used store-bought pie crust because many of you have suggested that you love my recipes, but you don’t dig the “unnecessary” homemade doughs I offer. Lovingly I say, screw you, and this one’s for you! 

Make sure you don’t get ready made pie crust, you know the ones that come in the aluminum pie pan. You’ll want to get something like Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust; there are 2 nine-inch pie dough “rolls” which will equal 4 samosas for this recipe. Perfect!

I think the most labor-intensive thing about this recipe is shopping for all the spices if you don’t already have ’em. Once you got those, though, making these are easy, breezy, samosa-peasy.

Don’t skimp on the masalas – -they really do make a difference in the taste and balance the spiciness with the depth of flavor. Oh and the fresh mint. Don’t forgo the fresh mint. Mmmm. The coolness of it beautifully cuts the buttery mouthfeel of the pastry. I would even suggest pairing these samosas with homemade mint chutney. To get my easy recipe, boom! 

Anyhoo, IF you feel you may be following my recipes for some time to come, trust me, we’re gonna use all ’em spices in the future so they won’t be wasted. 😉 

Now on to Valentine’s Day…

I think these big-ass samosas could work as cute and unique Valentine’s Day treats. Bake ’em off, cool ’em, wrap 2 in decorative tissue, put ’em in an organza bag with a note tag that reads “Hope this isn’t the only properly balanced spicy thing you’ll have in your mouth tonight” or, umm, something of that nature. Tell me how that goes. 

I would even suggest making a night out of cooking these. It could be like a sexy scene out of the movie. You both clumsily try and roll up samosas, giggling all the while, with your Boo behind you holding your hand as you both crimp the samosa bottom and bloop! You look up at Boo and ya’ll fall into a kiss.  That’s some samosance right there. (samosa + romance = samosance).

*Crickets chirping.*

Anyhoo, feeling the samosa love and being “baked”? Check out my homage to Snoop and samosas! You can buy the print framed, as a tote bag, and more. Click here to look.



See ya’ll back here on Saturday! I’ll have a recipe for you for homemade samosa pastry dough along with other cool samosa trivia and recipe ideas. 

P.S. Putting on a saree still confuses the &#$! outta me.